Why We Fight …

So I have a Marine Recon friend that I served with in the Iraq war who works as a security consultant for a German firm in Frankfurt. I had to call him up the other day to tell him I WILL NOT be coming to Frankfurt on my next trip overseas because my travel plans got all “ganked” – and the timeline for what I have to do was accelerated.

The conversation eventually turned to the Afghan War and how Obama is in the process of unconditional surrender there. I told my friend, Frank – that the guys in country now need to keep their heads down. Everyone who’s died over there has been a useless sacrifice – and now that we know we’re going to lose that war – the guys shouldn’t try to be heroes. No one wants to be the last person to die in a lost war.

 But Frank got upset at me … and told me I ought to know better. We had a long conversation … and he was right. This column is about the gist of that conversation, what he told me, and what we mutually decided was correct.

First, the Afghan War is not a war – it’s a battle. Almost every war since the beginning of time has been a battle – except the ones between “mobsters”. “Wars” – when they are concluded – have a victor and a vanquished. Things are settled after a war. If you look at all wars like this you will see that nothing is ever “settled” permanently. So every war has been a “battle” – a battle of good men versus bad ones. You can call it “good” versus “evil” but those are loaded, philosophical terms that will distract you from the real truth if you overthink it. You can argue that there’s no such thing as a truly “good” man and I might even agree with you – but that’s overthinking. In the end – it’s good men versus bad men. Men who stand for a principle – versus men who stand for imposing their will on others.

Bad men want to impose themselves – and good men refuse to yield – that’s the bottom-line truth.

And every legitimate “war” – which was actually a battle – can be characterized this way. Sometimes you can’t tell who the “good” and “bad” are. Was the Southern warrior the “good guy” – who fought to protect his homeland? Or was the “good guy” the “Yankee” from the North – who fought to free the slaves? When you look at it this way you will see that every warrior is different – and fights for his own reasons.

At least he fights.

So “mobsters” can fight each other and occasionally two conflicting principles of “good” battle each other. That’s not the case in Afghanistan though – there’s clearly a “good” side – and that side is ours.

You can vanquish the “bad guys” in one location on one day … they’ll come back – maybe generations later. If they don’t – they’ll come back somewhere else. This is the truth of life and it’s not a truth I created – I simply found it here – and it’ll exist here long after I’m gone. The war won’t be over until the end of time. So win or lose in Afghanistan – it does not matter, the “war” continues. There will be another day to fight but today we take advantage of the time we have to kill the “bad”.

The warriors in Afghanistan – the thinking ones – fight to KILL the bad men. Every day they are in Afghanistan is another opportunity to do that. Someone is giving them the opportunity to kill these guys – and they do it every time they get one in their rifle sights. They are not fighting for a particular outcome – they are fighting because their “tribe” was wronged and they are in Afghanistan to show the Islamo-Fascists that THEY – are better men.

Obama? He’s a guy that stands for nothing – he’s noise in the background. An “enabler” of evil. He exists because he’s always existed – in one form or another. He’s even worse that the “evil” men … he’s a pussy who stands for nothing. He has an “ideology” of course – but he doesn’t risk anything in his world for it. You can’t stand for something without taking risk.

He stands for nothing. He’s an invertebrate … a lower form of life not even worth me firing neurons to think about. He’s a rock on the battlefield that warriors have to jump over to get to the enemy. You can’t get angry at the rock – it exists because it exists. We don’t fight evil in a sterile laboratory – we fight it in the real world and, in the real world, obstacles like Obama exist.

They always will.

Did the Spartans at Thermopylae die for nothing? No … they lost, but their example has shown through history to this day to men like me and Frank. The value of the combat is not in the outcome – it’s in the opportunity to stand for something. When confronted with the opportunity – you don’t squander it – you STAND.

So the men in Afghanistan will STAND. And when the “pussies” pull them out – they’ll leave and prepare for the next battle.

Where they will STAND again.

Some of those warriors may become disillusioned – they may quit the fight. It doesn’t matter. If you say you were a “warrior” but aren’t anymore – you never were one. You never understood the truth. Warriors will fight for what they believe in – even if there are only 300 of them – even if there is only one.


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